What you should know…

  • Would you like to increase both quality and quantity of your yields and decrease your fertilizer usage at the same time?
  • Do You Know the Free Missing Ingredient 95% of Farmers Totally Forget?
  • Would you like to decrease your costs and increase profits?

Today I want to share with you a tried and true method for getting more nitrogen- for free!

Before I do that, I want to share with you a little story and the best fertilizer for grass. One day I realized that although my head was full of “positive”, feel-good knowledge about being “in balance with nature”, sustainable organic agriculture, permaculture, I wasn’t getting the results I thought I deserved in my garden and at my clients’ properties. It was clear – I was one of those “Internet experts” (you know what type I am talking about!) that have head (and mouth!) full of advice and theory that was good, even excellent, in fact… but only in theory! When my yields weren’t up to what I imagined I could achieve and when I didn’t have a clear and proven way of how to help my customers get their farms, forests, gardens, ranches, forest gardens, and market gardens more sustainable AND profitable, I knew I had a problem! And it wasn’t just my problem, but the problem that farmers, ranchers, and foresters face worldwide…

I read books and papers written by top scientists, asked every expert there is. I’ve even done a lot of experiments (I won’t post details about some of them as they’re far too embarrassing!). And where did I get with that?


There was no increase of yields, profits, or the quality of goods that I and my hundreds of customers could brag about! The main problem with modern, scientific agriculture is that a lot of so-called soil scientists, even the whole departments of agriculture at universities are being funded by the same international corporations that sell agricultural chemicals, including nitrogen fertilizers, and make profits out of farmers buying them regularly, every year! Of course, the more, the better, as this ensures THEIR profit. But farmers’, foresters’, ranchers’, or market gardeners’ (that’s you, my dear friend) profits are anything but guaranteed! The only thing that is being guaranteed is that you have to pay – that’s how the system is rigged against you…

On the other side: If you are happy with:

  • your profitability
  • cost of your inputs
  • amount of chemicals you put on your fields, gardens, or pastures
  • health of your livestock
  • the amount of your monthly mortgage payment or land lease
  • long hours you put in every day just to break even

please closed this tab as this method is not for you.

Update: I am probably going to get a lot of enemies by telling you that, both in conventional and organic agriculture. So if you are interested, grab a copy of my ebook NOW. I can’t guarantee it will be available much longer!

Fertilizer For Free How to make the most from Biological Nitrogen Fixation



So there you have it…

Are you ready for the raw truth?

Lie #1 that huge agrochemical corporations  want you to believe: You need to put tons of nitrogen fertilizers on your fields to get good crops.

The truth is, you don’t. You can use forces of nature to grow a good crop of first-rate quality, but THEY don’t want you to know that they profit from keeping you ignorant!

Lie #2 that huge agrochemical corporations  want you to believe: Fertilizing with nitrogen ALWAYS increases yields.

The truth is, that sometimes extra nitrogen fertilization can actually decrease yields, and even kill your crops!

Lie #3 that huge agrochemical corporations  want you to believe: Nitrogen fertilizer always increases quality of yields

The truth is, that sometimes nitrogen fertilizer may deteriorate the quality of crops, making them more pliant to pests and maladies. Nitrogen fertilization may decrease the amount of trace elements, antioxidants, and other nutrients that are incredibly important if you want your plants to thrive.

Lie #4 that huge agrochemical corporations  want you to believe: Nitrogen fertilizers are always economically viable!

The truth is, that nitrogen fertilization is ALWAYS costly, while the prices of your crops change constantly. You have no influence on prices. The only side of the balance you MAY change to get above the line is the cost. Don’t you think that taking care about reducing costs is a life-saving operation to your business?


Lie #5 that huge agrochemical corporations  want you to believe: modern and advanced technologies have to be complicated, expensive, and come from industrial laboratories rather than from nature (as nitrogen fertilizers do).


The truth is, that it is simplicity and utility which decide what’s “modern” and “advanced” to you. Sometimes the simplest and the most natural way of doing agricultural business is the most up-to-date technology!

I found out that the key to profitability in agriculture (or just having healthy crops), be it sustainable or conventional, is reducing costs. And one of the main costs is the price of a fertilizer. As I knew about the biological nitrogen fixation “thing”, I realized that’s the key! Because why would you like to pay for something that you could get (literally!) out of thin air!

Since I like to see myself as a smart guy, I decided I am going to figure it out. No matter how. Yes, you are right – I become obsessed with everything related to soil science, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, legumes, and how to put those pieces of pure theory into practice. I’ve spend almost three years researching, testing, and delivering results because that’s why you are here, my friend.

I’ve developed a unique method that was tested on a number of occasions and places. And today I am willing to share this easy-to-implement method with you. In fact, my customers, on whose properties the method was developed, didn’t want me to share this knowledge as they are getting a HUGE advantage! Well… would you share with your competitors know-how about:

  • Reducing your cost
  • Making Earth a better place to live for our children and grandchildren
  • Increasing your profits
  • Improving the quality of your products
  • Getting some green marketing points – isn’t it “a bit” important for farmers selling their goods directly, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?
  • How to fertilize your fields with just a handful of fertilizer per acre, so that your field, pasture, range, garden, or forest will produce an abundance of healthy crops
  • You will find here only techniques practically tested and proven to be valid and profitable.
  • No technique advised here requires extra investment in the way of machines, chemicals, or excessive workload.
  • The improvement in quality and quantity of your crops will be instant from the very beginning.

So if you want to know those secrets… Grab a copy of this book before I decide to increase the price as all of my colleagues and my marketing guy say it’s just silly (well, some of them used stronger words!) to give you a method that can save you thousands of dollars per year for just $9.99. Yes, you heard it right, just $9.99… For the time being! You risk nothing, as I totally believe in Fertilizer for Free: How to make the most from biological nitrogen fixation, and I am convinced that any person following my method will save money on nitrogen fertilizers.

If for ANY reason you would not be completely satisfied, you can request a refund at any time within 400 days (yes, that’s more than a year). No questions asked. So get your copy of Fertilizer for Free: How to make the most from biological nitrogen fixation risk free.

I’m so sure of it that I give you a full 400-days to try it out.

(You won’t need nearly that long though to see your farm completely transform)

But if at any time you feel like you got ripped off …


What are you waiting for? Make hay when the sun shines. This offer might end any time…